Rafael Gershon Glückstern Gardos

Graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona in 2008.
He grew up in Alicante (Spain) but at the age of 19 he left to study and since then he has lived in various cities in Spain including Cuenca, Salamanca, Barcelona and Madrid respectively. He was always interested in discovering new cultures and places and that is why he decided to live in several places in a few years.

He then decides to make the leap out of Spain. He first went to live in Miami in 2010, where he spent a year and came into contact with several art galleries, including Art Fusion Galleries, with which he exhibited on several occasions and created two large-format murals (2010 and 2011).

After his adventure in Miami, he decides that he wants to return to Europe, and he moves to Berlin for two years (2011 to 2013). While there, he began a series of paintings with scenes of streets and alleys that would later be exhibited and sold in several cities, including Berlin, Sitges, Miami, Tel Aviv, Philadelphia and New York.

After Berlin he decides that he wants to try his luck in New York and moves there in 2013. Over 8 years living there, he exhibits numerous times in various cities: New York, Philadelphia, Miami and West Palm Beach. Among these exhibitions we can highlight two editions of the Artexpo New York fair (2017 and 2018) and on two occasions with an artistic organization based in NY called Chashama (2017 and 2018). In addition to several occasions with two art galleries, Kontempo and NYC Gallery Space (2018 and 2019). He also makes several murals in the city, one of them is in a hotel in Manhattan called the Carlton Arms hotel (2015) and the other he paints for a business called NapYork, near Times Square, in 2018. In Philadelphia he exhibits at its main art fair, called the Philadelphia Art Fair (2019) and in Miami he exhibits at the well-known Red Dot Miami art fair in two of its editions
(2018 and 2019).

He made two paintings for two Sherlock Holmes books: The Art of Sherlock Holmes: USA Edition and The Art of Sherlock Holmes Global Edition, from the publisher MX Publishing, which later became part of an exhibition at the Paul Fisher art gallery, in West Palm Beach, in the year 2019.
Finally, after more than 10 years away from Spain, he decides to return and settles in Madrid at the end of 2021.